There are numerous myths that relate to the Kelly era.
Several are listed below with the facts that dispel them.

Was Ned Kelly at his mother's home when Const. Fitzpatrick arrived?
Was Ned Kelly there?

Did the police harass Ned Kelly and his family?
Was Ned Kelly harassed?

Did Constable Fitzpatrick make improper sexual advances towards Kate Kelly?
Did Const. Fitzpatrick behave improperly towards Kate Kelly?

Did Ned Kelly say, "Such Is Life", on the gallows, just before he was hanged.
Did Ned Kelly say "Such is life".

Was there a shoot out at Stringybark Creek, as Ned Kelly claimed?

Were the police out to shoot the Kelly Brothers on sight?

Our Aim

We bring to the public factual information regarding the Kelly outbreak. Much of the information in the public arena is mythical and completely false regarding the criminal activity of the Greta mob led by Ned Kelly. We present factual information that has been thoroughly researched and can be proven by authentic historical records.

We are desirous of ensuring facts relating to the Kelly outbreak are promulgated by government agencies across Australia. We will move to have false information removed that presently dominates government publications and replaced with authentic facts.

The site will be continually added to with additions being thoroughly tested to reflect accurate information that has been authenticated by historical records that are confirmed as factual.